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Do you like writing fiction too? As I've begun writing more, I've started to compile lists of online resources. I still have no idea how Shakespeare, Tolkien, and Charles Dickens wrote so prolifically without some of these websites. I guess they were smarter than me. Okay, yeah, they were a lot smarter than me. But these links are still very helpful...

Writing Techniques

Ah, the Internet has many writing blogs and podcasts, with advice about everything from how to plot your sci-fi thriller novella to how to create a protagonist your readers won't hate.

The following are a few of the best blogs I've found, especially for young writers—they're professional, generally of good quality, and written by experienced authors:

While You’re Writing

When you're writing, sometimes you can't think of the perfect word, or you need something in the background to write to, or you need an Old Norse male name that means “wolf” (that'd be Varg, if you were wondering).  Here are the best resources I use when writing:

  • RhymeZone, a life-saver if your thesaurus fails you or if you need a rhyming dictionary:
  • Tip of My Tongue, for when you can't think of the right word, but you know it starts with the letter D...
  • Everchanging Book of Names, a downloadable program that generates names:
  • The Language Construction Kit, resources for those of you who dream about creating your own fantasy languages:
  • Behind the Name, one of my favorite websites for character names:
  • Rainy Mood, soundtrack of a rain storm to listen to while writing:
  • The Complete Works of Shakespeare, partly just because Shakespeare is awesome, but I've also looked up Shakespeare quotes on here before for writing projects:

Other helpful websites for writers

Happy writing, everyone! 😀


(Please note: none of the links on this specific "Resources for Writers" page of my website are paid affiliate links. They're simply resources that have helped me in some way that I would recommend to other writers.)