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Book Review: Rosaline’s Curse

After an eight hundred-year-long magical nap, a princess wakes up to find herself in twenty-first century England. This might sound like the beginning of a modern retelling of “Sleeping Beauty.” But while Katharine Campbell’s novel Rosaline’s Curse begins this way, the titular heroine proves herself to be decidedly more than a warmed-over Disney princess.

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Book Review - Philomena: A Tale from the Col Novan Sky Almanac

Book Review – Philomena: A Tale from the Cor Novan Sky Almanac

Philomena: A Tale from the Cor Novan Sky Almanac, the debut novel of Mark Guiney, is a few hundred pages of flying through the sky under lighter-than-air envelopes of aether; meeting charming, quirky, and treacherous, characters; and journeying to mesmerizing and increasingly perilous places. The story’s world-building and fast-paced action rivals series like Redwall, books by Brandon Mull, or Wayne Thomas Batson’s wonderful Isle of […]

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