My Writing

Although I’ve dabbled in many genres, I keep coming back to science fiction and fantasy. Right now, one of my main projects is The Rifts, a science fiction trilogy. I also have lots of short stories simmering on the back burner, including a few that I’m hoping to finish very soon.

Stardust Wake mini cover

The Rifts Trilogy

After learning of a strange interstellar phenomenon that could put her planet in danger, a young astronomy student sets out to uncover the truth. But when she is stranded on the other side of a wormhole, she is forced to make unlikely allies to survive and make it back home.

Genre: Science fiction

Status: Currently outlining, researching, and beginning to write Draft 1

Wintergold Trilogy mini cover

The Wintergold Trilogy

A young boy joins a group of secretive diplomats with legendary powers. Their goal: to protect their kingdom from invasion by the rightful heir to the throne… and to keep magic from falling into the wrong hands.

Genre: Epic fantasy trilogy

Status: Draft 1 is on hold while I finish other projects


Cinders and Steel mini cover

Cinders and Steel

A steampunk adventure inspired by Cinderella.

When Elle’s father and stepmother die suddenly, she finds work cleaning chimneys in a coal-powered factory and comes home every day with a soot-smeared face.

She dreams of escaping the city one day, but for now, she has other concerns—keeping her difficult younger stepsisters out of trouble at the summer festival, surviving in a factory dripping with poisonous fumes, and helping a new friend whose secret may tear the entire city apart.

Genre: Steampunk novel

Status: Draft 1 is on hold while I finish other projects