Don't forget a comma splice! - A Parody of The Hobbit

Don’t Forget a Comma Splice! — A Parody of The Hobbit

One of my favorite books is The Lord of the Rings… but The Hobbit (the shorter volume about Bilbo Baggins that J.R.R. Tolkien wrote first) is pretty good too, of course. In an effort to raise greater awareness of Tolkien and another of my interests (pointing out grammar mistakes), may I present the following parody of a particular poem/song in Chapter 1 of The Hobbit. […]

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Four Quick Takes: Bookshelves, History, Giants, and More

Last month was interesting. Read some good books. Tried to do research. Decided to focus on my novella instead of my novel-length projects (for now). Wrote a chunk of the aforementioned novella. Oh yeah, and I realized I needed to write a blog post.

Apparently some bloggers write posts in the format of several “quick takes.” I came up with four. Here goes!

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